Stock Broking Company with a Telegram Bot Integrated into ERPNext
Revolutionising Customer Service for Matalia Group -
1 May, 2023 by
Stock Broking Company with a Telegram Bot Integrated into ERPNext
Sagar Bhogayata


In the competitive landscape of stock broking, delivering exceptional customer service is a key differentiator. Matalia Group, a renowned stock broking company, aimed to elevate their customer service experience by harnessing the power of technology. To achieve this, they partnered with a technology solutions provider to develop a bespoke Telegram bot that seamlessly integrated with their ERPNext system.


Matalia Group faced challenges in ensuring swift response times to customer queries, providing timely market updates, and maintaining efficient communication channels. Their existing customer service processes often led to delays and restricted the accessibility of real-time information.


The collaboration between Matalia Group and the technology solutions provider resulted in the creation of a dynamic solution:

Telegram Bot Integration:

A custom Telegram bot was developed, serving as the bridge between customers and Matalia Group's ERPNext system. This bot enabled clients to interact with the stock broking company directly through the Telegram messaging platform.

Real-time Market Updates:

The bot was programmed to provide customers with real-time market updates, stock prices, and relevant news, ensuring that clients were informed of market movements promptly.

Portfolio Information:

By interfacing with ERPNext, the Telegram bot allowed customers to retrieve their portfolio information, investment summaries, and transaction history on demand.

Trade Execution Notifications:

The bot automated trade execution notifications, instantly notifying customers when their trades were executed. This transparency ensured that clients were always aware of their trading activities.

Secure Authentication:

Security was a priority. The bot integrated with ERPNext's authentication system, safeguarding sensitive customer data and ensuring that only authorized users accessed account-related information.


The collaboration yielded significant results and positive outcomes:

Enhanced Customer Experience: The Telegram bot enabled swift and personalized responses to customer inquiries, elevating customer satisfaction and engagement.

Real-time Insights: Customers received instant market updates and portfolio information, empowering them to make informed trading decisions.

Operational Efficiency: Automated trade execution notifications reduced manual intervention, increasing operational efficiency and minimizing delays.

Data Security: The integration with ERPNext's authentication system ensured that customer data remained secure, building trust and confidence.

Streamlined Communication: The bot provided a direct and efficient communication channel, fostering smoother interactions between customers and Matalia Group.


Matalia Group's forward-thinking approach to customer service, in collaboration with the technology solutions provider, led to the development of a game-changing Telegram bot integrated into ERPNext. By offering real-time market updates, portfolio insights, and automated notifications, Matalia Group not only transformed customer service but also showcased their commitment to leveraging technology for customer satisfaction. This case study highlights the transformative impact of technology integration on customer experience and operational efficiency in the stock broking industry.

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